MultiMark Manual

What is it?

MultiMark is an annotator that allows you to use multiple mice to draw on screen and to point out an important areas on screen. To make best use of the MultiMark add additional USB mouse-devices to your computer. Each additional mouse is able to draw on the screen while the "Mastermouse" can continue to operate Windows.

MultiMark features:

Attaching additional mice and keyboards to your computer

Our software is designed to make use of additional hardware devices like mice and keyboards. Laptops already have a keyboard and a mouse trackpad built in. If you have got one or more extra mice and keyboards (who hasn't got an extra mouse lying around these days) you can simply plug these into the USB port of your computer. Windows will install the necessary software to make use of the extra devices. You cannot, however, make use of them independently. This is where DicoLab software comes to the rescue. Our software allows you to make use of the extra devices independently of each other. Just startup the programs and any extra USB input device that is attached will be recognized automatically.

If you have more devices than USB ports on your computer you can use a USB hub to create extra USB ports. A USB hub is a device that expands a single USB port into several so that there are more ports available to connect devices to a host system.


Use this button to switch the primary mouse back to Windows Mode. MultiMark allows the first active mouse to switch between normal Windows mouse and MultiMark mode. All additional USB and network mice will always be in MultiMark mode.


Switches to on-screen drawing mode.


The flashlight allows the users to highlight or to point out important areas on screen.


To manually erase drawings from the overlay use the eraser.

Clear all

Clears the whole overlay


Cycles between four transparency modes. All drawings on the overlay will get more translucent. This allows you to see both the overlay and the real screen


During a session you can take screenshots to preserve notes and drawings. The screenshots are stored in [Pictures]/MultiMark folder.

Screenshots Folder

Opens the [Pictures]/MultiMark folder. This button is only available in Windows Mouse mode.